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ODALID’s news

Today, ODALID had the chance to welcome Caroline Chanlon and Lauren Loiseau from osanah communication and PIUma Conseil. And to benefit from their strong experience in communication and HR. Thank you for visiting, next session coming soon 😎

ODALID Communication & RH

10 years ago, ODALID NFC readers flew to South Africa to make it possible to dematerialize consumers’ wallets. The advantages of this application were multiple: fully dematerialized payment during the event, speed of transactions and control of consumption. 👊🇿🇦

10 years ago, ODALID NFC readers flew to South Africa

If you want to test the security of your access control system, ODALID is constantly innovating by creating a new electronic card to emulate contactless cards and badges.

[PENTEST] Access Contol

ODALID is very happy to sponsor the Dijon devfest 2023 organized by Developers Group Dijon with our super neighbors La Poste Groupe. Thanks to Cyril VALLEE from Eseo for his accomodation.

ODALID sponsors Devfest at ESEO

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