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Ethernet NFC access control

We have developed an innovative solution for secure access control that has many benefits:

The advantage of our solution

  • reduced wiring costs since a single Ethernet cable provides power and control our devices;
  • no processing unit (UTL), access management is done at the server;
  • Security: striker relays are deported readers;
  • flexibility and scalability: add, move affluent readers;
  • turnkey solution (fully developed by ODALID);
Controle d'accès NFC IP POE

Badge reading and spoil steering

Our card readers used to collect information from contactless cards and / or NFC phone to send them to a server. This will control the door release control card.

The badge reader and the control card are both equipped with an Ethernet POE interface that facilitates wiring and management. The reader has the ability to read the majority of 13.56MHz contactless card market as well as phones with NFCtechnology. While the control card has 3 relay and 3 inputs so you can connect keepers doors, opening button etc ..

Enrollment cards

Logiciel enrollement carte et téléphone NFC

The enrollment card / NFC phones is via a software application connected to a desktop reader. This software enables :

  • enrollment card / NFC device;
  • adding identity information in the server database;
  • adding the access information (access area, schedule page, days);

Access management

Logiciel controle d'acces gestion zone date heure

Through its web interface, the management software allows you to change time slots, access times zones, see the remote gateway of historic on any platform that has a connection to the server. The connection to the software is done securely via a login / password.

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