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The Power over Ethernet, a more practical solution

The technology POE (Power over Ethernet) is a network functionality. The POE allows you to sustain your devices directly with a simple Ethernet wire thanks to the to the data connection. 

What are the assets of the POE ?

  • The PoE allows to use only one wire that connect your devices to the data. It lowers the cost of new wires to equip the whole structure. 
  • The PoE technology enables the equipment and/ or the extension of the network and also to lower the cost.
  • If you use this technology, it will allow you to install any device wherever you want within your structure, especially where the power is hard to reach. Also it will drastically reduce the numbers of cables used. 

Can you use a POE device with a non POE device ? 

It is possible to use a POE device with another non POE device thanks to the network. Non POE devices however cannot nurture POE devices or equipments (which means that those non POE device are not designed to nurture other devices with low powered energy, or be nurtured with PSE systems). Non POE devices must have a distinct source of energy.

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