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Security – Why use open, embeddable and non-integrated architectures

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In the building / industry, the safety lot is often composed of 3 parts

  • Intruder alarm;
  • Access control;
  • Video surveillance; 

Most alarm manufacturers try to integrate the access control part and possibly video surveillance, with the sole goal: to create an integrated solution. 

However, these 3 systems have very different constraints.

  • For the alarm the first feature is to detect intrusions and warn the owner/user via remote monitors
  • Access control makes it possible to physically secure assets, we have a strong security constraint related to ANSSI recommendations in terms of card (use of MIFARE EV2 / SAM) and architecture
  • Video surveillance also uses ANSSI recommendations but most cameras are IP and require good network and security knowledge.

Odalid chooses to develop its communicating GAC software. Our software solution has APIs to communicate with other upstream systems: HR management software (Human Resources) and downstream: alarm center to inhibit alarms. While being ANSSI compliant using MIFARE EV2 and SAM cards.

ODALID Architecture Surete

The advantage of having dedicated and communicating solutions:

  • Have high-performance business features dedicated to the customer’s needs;
  • Evolve functionalities according to the needs of the customer;
  • Have open and communicating systems.
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