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Logistics flow management – ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal, the world’s leading integrated steel company manufacturing each year over 100 million tonnes of steel. This lead to an important logistics issue: the transportation of this steel.

Gestion de flux logistic

ArcelorMittal’s french site (Fos-sur-Mer) is daily visited by several different transporters for the loading & unloading of the steel plates and coils. 

Highly secured, this site requires a systematic identification of its employees, and of the external visitors- including transporters.

Secure transport access control

Concerning its logistics flow issue, ArcelorMittal chose ODALID’s readers to supervise all of the loading & unloading process:

  • To get onto the site
  • To get into the warehouse
  • To reach the loading & unloading docks
  • To leave the site
Gestion du temps transport

The device allows operators of the site of Fos sur Mer :

  • to visualize the truck fleet in real time on the site
  • to control the loading / unloading times thanks in particular to a color code alerting the possible passing of the estimated average time
beautiful reference

Benefits for users: :

  • Real time information
  • Ease of use for carriers
  • Secure system

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