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How to securing your premises with access control:

For more than 10 years, ODALID has been putting its expertise and patented know-how on RFID and NFC technologies at the service of its customers. As a partner in your innovation, ODALID has implemented a proven highly secure access control solution. In the current context, security and flow management are becoming major challenges.

Limit the risk of intrusion, give access according to employee profiles, avoid loss of keys,… are all advantages of access control based on contactless technologies.

How it works 

Each opening (door, opening gate) is equipped with an IP/POE reader connected to the striker opening and closing system. Employees are equipped with a card or any system embedding contactless technology (badge, bracelet,…) allowing them to unlock access without physical equipment and in a totally secure way.

Certified solutions for security:

The cards are encrypted via a secure element and encoded according to the profile of the users and the access times that the administrator can define on a case-by-case basis.

Odalid designs and develops complete and turnkey physical access control solutions for your infrastructures: card enrollment hardware and software.

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