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Free software at the heart of corporate culture

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At the beginning of August, the French State published the interministerial base of free software, a set of open source tools recommended and recommended in the context of projects. ODALID is pleased to see that its favorite software is part of this list:

  • Kicad free software for electronic
  • MariaDB Base Transactional Cluster
  • Openjdk Development Environment
  • Docker Software Containers
  • Nginx Web Server and Reverse Proxy
  • Sonarqube Quality Indicator Dashboard
  • Grafana Supervision Infrastructure and Components
  • Debian Distribution GNU/LINUX
  • KeePass Password Management
  • Jitsi Meet Webconference

The use of open source components is an integral part of our corporate culture for a variety of reasons, including open code for future-proofing and scalable solutions. 

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