March 2019, if the vast majority of people already forget their New-year’s eve resolutions, well Odalid did not ! Here in Odalid, commitment is really important and we want to keep our promise of renewal in 2019.


Ten years after Vincent Thivent created his own company, Odalid keeps on growing and developing its solutions on the different market sectors of IoT, access control, presence control and ticketing. This year, the company will blow its tenth candle. The company’s owner decided to celebrate the event by recruiting a whole new team, mainly composed by interns : two students form the Technology University of Belfort - Montbéliard (UTBM), one student from the University of Burgundy (UBFC) and of course the company’s owner himself. In other words, a whole new fresh team ready to overcome the challenge of the technological market, which knows a steady growth.


Who are the new Odalid’s recruits ?

Commitment is one of the most important values within the company, and this is mainly why Vincent Thivent decided to take three students in order to develop the company. One of the main asset of this fresh team is that all the students come from different study fields : from engineering to communication and marketing, those three students aim to, not only complete their academic year, but also work all together as a strong team to develop Odalid. All that under the supervision of Vincent Thivent.

Baptiste Gilibert and Hugo Desvignes, both are students from the UTBM, a university specialized in technologies and engineering. They have decided to do their final internship in Odalid, where they will be working on different projects and bring their expertise.

Finally, Hakim Hdouch, a first year master’s degree student in International Communication Strategies in Dijon, will help to enhance the communication and marketing and promote the company’s solutions. In a nutshell, a fresh skilled team for innovative projects !

ArcelorMittal, the world's leading integrated steel company manufacturing each year over 100 million tonnes of steel. This lead to an important logistics issue: the transportation of this steel.

Gestion de flux logistic

ArcelorMittal's french site (Fos-sur-Mer) is daily visited by several different transporters for the loading & unloading of the steel plates and coils. 
Plateforme logistique

Highly secured, this site requires a systematic identification of its employees, and of the external visitors- including transporters.

Controle acces securise transport

Concerning its logistics flow issue, ArcelorMittal chose ODALID's readers to supervise all of the loading & unloading process:

  • To get onto the site
  • To get into the warehouse
  • To reach the loading & unloading docks
  • To leave the site

Gestion du temps transport

The device allows operators of the site of Fos sur Mer :

  • to visualize the truck fleet in real time on the site
  • to control the loading / unloading times thanks in particular to a color code alerting the possible passing of the estimated average time

Benefits for users: :

  • Real time information
  • Ease of use for carriers
  • Secure system

French IOT

In order to constitute the France team of the best companies of the IoT, the La Poste group gathered 13 committees in the regions to select the future winners and mobilized 80 digital partners in the territory.

The 2017-2018 vintage of the best companies working in the field of connected objects has been unveiled: the team brings together companies from all over France whose common denominator is innovation!

Among the 51 new start-ups that join the start-up support program, for this 2017-2018 season, ODALID is one of the winners for its NFC / RFID / contactless and IoT hardware and software solutions expertise.

More informations

Thank you to Bourgogne numérique who allow us to present our innovation. Our NFC reader POE fit with the ecosystem of IoT (Internet of Things).

Video: Minute of innovation

Vincent Thivent, Odalid Present yourself :

Hello, my name is Vincent Thivent and i am the CEO of Odalid.

Could you present Odalid ?

Odalid conceive, develop and commercialize innovant RFID and NFC device. We are present in different activities sector. We do access control, for example we just equiped an industrial site (Arselor Mital), that will allow to control the Flow of loading and unloading of truck. We also work in control of presence, particularly in the industry and school (presence of student), a few of contactless Payment (with NFC) and we work in the transport and ticketing (bus, tram...).

What is your innovation ?

We talk a lot of IOT (Inter of Things), we develop a lot of hardware from NFC reader. Our innovation take place in the protocol of communication between the reader and the software part of communication. Indeed, we integrate in the reader the IP technologies and POE, that allow to our reader to communicate. With that we can interrogate him with a remote access host in a local network or an application cloud. Thank you to Vincent Thivent for your experience!

Odalid is developing its own pre-qualification test tools RCTIF (Common Repository Telébillettique Ile de France).

This test bench makes it possible to perform the analog tests :

  • Magnetic field min / max ISO10373-6 / RCTIF ;
  • Load modulation A / B and B ' ;
  • Waveform parameter measurement ;
  • Coding and bit representation ;

This test bench is composed :

  • Calibration Coil ;
  • PICC reference ;
  • Reference PCD ;