Odalid is developing its own pre-qualification test tools RCTIF (Common Repository Telébillettique Ile de France).

This test bench makes it possible to perform the analog tests :

  • Magnetic field min / max ISO10373-6 / RCTIF ;
  • Load modulation A / B and B ' ;
  • Waveform parameter measurement ;
  • Coding and bit representation ;

This test bench is composed :

  • Calibration Coil ;
  • PICC reference ;
  • Reference PCD ;

In order to constitute the France team of the best companies of the IoT, the La Poste group gathered 13 committees in the regions to select the future winners and mobilized 80 digital partners in the territory.

The 2017-2018 vintage of the best companies working in the field of connected objects has been unveiled: the team brings together companies from all over France whose common denominator is innovation!

Among the 51 new start-ups that join the start-up support program, for this 2017-2018 season, ODALID is one of the winners for its NFC / RFID / contactless and IoT hardware and software solutions expertise.

More informations

Thank you to Bourgogne numérique who allow us to present our innovation. Our NFC reader POE fit with the ecosystem of IoT (Internet of Things).

Video: Minute of innovation

Vincent Thivent, Odalid Present yourself :

Hello, my name is Vincent Thivent and i am the CEO of Odalid.

Could you present Odalid ?

Odalid conceive, develop and commercialize innovant RFID and NFC device. We are present in different activities sector. We do access control, for example we just equiped an industrial site (Arselor Mital), that will allow to control the Flow of loading and unloading of truck. We also work in control of presence, particularly in the industry and school (presence of student), a few of contactless Payment (with NFC) and we work in the transport and ticketing (bus, tram...).

What is your innovation ?

We talk a lot of IOT (Inter of Things), we develop a lot of hardware from NFC reader. Our innovation take place in the protocol of communication between the reader and the software part of communication. Indeed, we integrate in the reader the IP technologies and POE, that allow to our reader to communicate. With that we can interrogate him with a remote access host in a local network or an application cloud. Thank you to Vincent Thivent for your experience!

At Startup Assembly, we presented our expertise and our solutions to Les Docks Numériques

Innovation IOT NFC et RFID

Thursday march 12th 2015, feedback meeting on the CES 2015 with Burgundy companies that participated in this collective mission at Las Vegas the January 5 to 10, 2015.

This video shows a conference/debate on CES 2015. It is introduced by M Gilles Caboche and led by M Vincent Thivent. The conference takes place on Thursday March 12 2015 at 17:30 at ESIREM, engineering school in Materials and InfoTronique in Dijon. Some people representing companies like Tevolys, Active 3D, Réseau Concept, Odalid, LE2I, C2IP, RB2D and part of the cluster GA2B tell us about their experience of the CES, which took place in Las Vegas in January 2015. This show is the largest exhibition dedicated to technological innovation in consumer electronics, and received more than 160,000 people.

  • According to M Thivent, teacher in ESIREM and CEO of Odalid, CES has two main goals;
  • Understand the current demand (market) trends: it allows you to know if there is a potential market for your product(s);
  • Understand current technological choices (eg: which wireless communication protocols are currently in use).L

It’s a very large exhibition, both in the number of participants and in the various fields that are shown: connected object (Internet of Thing), health, home automation, sensors… M Serge Grygorowicz, founder of RB3D, believes that CES is an international echo chamber from a media point of view because all the high tech newspapers and magazines are present. In general, there is a significant
French presence at the show, with brands such as Parrot, Netatmo, Withings, or MyFox which have won prizes. Connected objects also have a prominent place in this show. According to M Tony Gomes, leader of Active 3D, there will be an average of 30 connected objects per person in the coming years.

As a conclusion, as the name suggests, the CES is an exhibition presenting products and services for the consumer. According to M Grygorowicz, we went from a “military to consumer to business” model to a “business to consumer to business” model. Compared to previous years, there also has been an increase in the number of offered services, particularly in the automotive field. In terms of products presented, we are more in a fun dimension than in a professional one.