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What is RFID ?

RFID “radio frequency identification, or Radio Frequency Identification” is a technology that identifies a remote object contactless and without line of sight. An RFID system consists of an RFID tag (called RFID tags) and a reader / encoder. The reader/writer can read and write RFID tags in the memory, which will react to the radio waves, in oder to  transmit information or data. This technology is used in many fields and sectors. As a matter of fact it gives a guarantee of quality and efficiency.


What are the RFID advantages ?

Contactless communication without direct visibility=> Big dialogue field reader/ writing on the fly
Anti-collision apparatus=> Ability to read several tags simultaneously
The RFID tag has a memory=> Storage of different types of information

=> Lecture et écriture de données;

The RFID can be used in unfavorable environment=> Insensitive to polluted environnement, economical and sustainable tags

The technologies that the technology competes with :

Barcode=> No information storage
=> Can be copy and paste easily or totally erased
Chip card=> Expensive and requires a direct contact
Magnetic Code=>unreliable, expensive and short range

no information storage

What are the RFID norms ?

Depending on the use of the technology, many frequencies can be used. Thus, depending on the environment and the needs of writing/ reading distance, you will chose the appropriate norm. Thanks to its technological skills, ODALID offers you the best solution adapted to your needs.

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