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What is NFC?

Near Field Communication is a technology that arrived in France in 2011 and is today one of the most common contactless technologies on the market. In our smartphones, bank cards for S.C payment, anti-theft devices, their use is multiple and requires little in technical terms. Generally speaking, NFC is “improved” bluetooth.

What are the NFC advantages ?

In short, it is a technology that allows two terminals that are close together (less than 10 cm apart) to send data and information to each other very quickly. NFC uses short waves. The most used example to illustrate this use of this contactless technology is obviously the smartphone.

On smartphones, information is directly stored in the SIM card which is encoded and encrypted, which ensures information security, hence the development of the use of contactless payment which is based on NFC. Unlike bluetooth, NFC does not require configuration. NFC can be used for three main functions:

– card emulation / reader mode / peer to peer transfer

It is thanks to this technology that contactless payment has been able to develop at high speed, leading to the development of new applications such as: ticketing in transport, NFC tags used in the fashion world as anti-theft devices, etc. In short, a technology much more developed than the simple QR code which requires a scanning application in order to transmit information

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