Anssi has published a guide  "recommandations sur la sécurisation des systèmes de contrôle d'accès physique et de vidéoprotection" which helps you in the choice of your access control :


The 7 Questions to ask yourself when create the specifications of your access control :

If you already have a system, the document will allow you to check the level of security of your access control.

When you want to set up your access control, it is necessary to ask yourself the 7 right questions about the expected features :

  • Identification of sites to be protected/controlled;
  • Identification of business values and support assets to be protected;
  • Identification of areas;
  • Level of security of physical access control equipment and facilities;
  • Flow of movement of individuals;
  • Identification of actors;
  • Organizational Processes;

This will allow you to establish detailed specifications for the consultation of your future installation.

How to assess the security level of your access control?

In case you already have an existing system, you can refer to the Anssi that will allow you to determine the level of security and resistance levels to logical attacks of your system. You will find a list of recommendations that will allow you to determine the level of safety of it.

Below you will find a summary table of these different levels of security and logical attack according to the badges used.



The recommendations of Anssi are explained on any component or actor that intervenes on the access control system. From badge and reader to maintenance.