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Access control

For more than 10 years, ODALID has been providing its customers with its expertise and patented know-how in RFID and NFC technologies. As a partner in your innovation, ODALID has implemented a proven solution for highly secure access control. In the current context, security and flow management are becoming very important issues.

Full IP POE badge reader and strike control

ODALID badge readers collect information from the majority of 13.56MHz contactless cards on the market as well as phones equipped with NFC technology and send them to a server. Both the badge reader and the control card are equipped with an Ethernet POE interface for easy wiring and management

An example of a project: ArcelorMittal

Management of flow logistic

ArcelorMittal, the world’s leading steel group, produces nearly 100 million tonnes of steel each year. In this context, the collection of goods is an important issue that can be done by truck, rail or ship. For these logistics flows, ArcelorMittal has chosen an ODALID solution.

Why use an IP/Ethernet/POE architecture for your secure access control?

The Ethernet protocol has become an essential protocol in construction and industry. Robust, flexible and secure, it allows data and power to be transmitted on the same cable thanks to POE technology. The advantage is that you can control the readers remotely


Coming soon

ODALID integrates new encryption standards to read highly secure cards (DESFire) or transport cards (Calypso).

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