The technology POE (Power over Ethernet) is a network functionality. The POE allows you to sustain your devices directly with a simple Ethernet wire thanks to the to the data connection. 

What are the assets of the POE ?

  • The PoE allows to use only one wire that connect your devices to the data. It lowers the cost of new wires to equip the whole structure. 
  • The PoE technology enables the equipment and/ or the extension of the network and also to lower the cost.
  • If you use this technology, it will allow you to install any device wherever you want within your structure, especially where the power is hard to reach. Also it will drastically reduce the numbers of cables used. 

Can you use a POE device with a non POE device ? 

It is possible to use a POE device with another non POE device thanks to the network. Non POE devices however cannot nurture POE devices or equipments (which means that those non POE device are not designed to nurture other devices with low powered energy, or be nurtured with PSE systems). Non POE devices must have a distinct source of energy.

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Stroke of genius 

Last Thursday the 16th of May, the annual competition of the Olympiades took place in the engineering school of Dijon Esirem, on the University of Burgundy’s campus. This 10th edition gathered young students from different high schools, who presented their works and innovative projects to a jury.

This year, the competition has been tough ! The students of different high schools gathered in the building of the Esirem engineering school in Dijon to compete and present their different innovative projects.

What was the programme ? Several workshops and projects presentation were organized inside the building of the ESIREM, many students alongside their attendants who presented their innovative creations and finally speeches of different companies directors and CEO. This tenth edition sponsored by EDF BFC was an opportunity for a well selected jury to assess and give a mark to the different projects that were led by the futur students in engineering. They have been working on their project since September, which represent approximately more than seventy hours to create, build and finish their jewel of technology.

When you hear "access control", the first words that come in your mind will probably be "safety", "security", "badge" or even "doors". The reality however is far more complex than that: allow us to explain why ! 

You might be an access control engineer specialist or simply a curious amateur passionate  by technologies and mechanics driven by learning new things, well you are at the right place ! For clarity reasons, we will explain how it works by taking our own access control solution as an example. 

Which equipment is necessary to have a complete access control solution ? 

Starting from the beginning, which means defining what an access control solution truly is. This solution is used in order to control the entrance and exits of a structure (it can be a company’s building, banks, shops etc…) or for private spaces such as parking lot or a  private residence. It is composed of several technical elements which, put together, form an access control system. 

Our solution, for instance,  is composed by a badge reader, a pilot and power supply card, both designed with an Ethernet POE interface which enables the wiring and the management, and last but not least an USB reader. 

 More practical and funnier 

access control Xperience Park ODALID

Last December, a new kind of parc opened its doors to the public in Mulhouse in France: Xperience Parc, where virtual reality technologies, plenty of collective or solo sports and other playful activities are offered, regardless how old you are !

ODALID worked alongside with Xperience Park to create and set up a whole equipement of access control. Main problematic: enable the client to access to the several activities that the structure offers without causing any inconveniences related to having to wear an access card, which is likely to be lost between two activities. This is exactly where ODALID came into play, which means to create a system of access control that not only allow the clients to access the different facilities, without being an obstacle to them while practicing their activities.

The hubspot of new technology lovers 

Last Wednesday and Thursday, the major leading European event of IoT, artificial intelligence and robotics was organized happened in Lyon: the SIDO. Well known to be the trade hub of innovation, this fifth edition, which took place these last 10th and 11th of April gave, us an outstanding glimpse of  the technologies of the future.

With its 450 companies which came to expose their technology solutions, this gigantic showroom gives an overview of the numerous technological possibilities that the market offers. ODALID was there in order to discover the sector and its products and meet the different actors of the IoT market, which is constantly growing. Odalid is one of the major actors of the IoT conception in the region of Burgundy.