Acces Control

ODALID offers complete turnkey access control solutions for your infrastructures. The solution has a badge reader, a pilot supply card, an USB reader and also a software (API).


Our company designs, manufactures and markets the readers useful for ticketing, and provides the software stack(API), necessary for the design of a solution for controls in transport and other structures.

Internet of Things

ODALID has become a major actor of the IoT sector in Dijon. We realize a feasibility study from your brief beforehand, and then we produce the different softwares bricks (API) you need for your project

Presence control

We design the readers for the use of attendance control, as a contactless time clock, within your structure. This type of product is designed and adapted for attendance and attendance control.



Our values !




We want this value to be the keystone of our relationship with our clients. Our mission : we aim to support and advise the best we can in your projects.



We have committed to offering you high quality electronic equipments and solutions, designed, controlled and certified by our experts.  



Social liability is a fundamental mainstay within our company. We are  involved in the academic field by transmitting our knowledges and experience in several university departments (ESIREM, UTBM). We are also fully committed to help our clients to take the best decisions in their decision process.



Our team is composed of contactless technology engineering experts. Their mission is to ensure the quality of our products and solutions. They are also willing to advise you when you have any queries.



We make sure to be aware of the different laws concerning technologies (personal data, contactless equipments, etc…) by carrying out a regulatory watch on a daily basis. We apply carefully all the restrictions to offer products and solutions that are in good  conformity with the legal decisions.



We stick to our promises and it has become an imperative within our company.