ODALID offers complete turnkey access control solutions for your infrastructures. The solution has a badge reader, a pilot supply card, an USB reader and also a software (API).

We produce the badge readers for presence control solutions. This type of products is also conceived and can be adapted for your attendance control project (especially universities, high schools, manufactures and so on and so forth).

ODALID has become a major actor of the IoT sector in Dijon. We realize a feasibility study from your brief beforehand, and then we produce the different softwares bricks (API) you need for your project.

We produce, design and commercialize the readers essential for the ticketing solution. We also provide the software bricks (API) necessary for the conception of a turnkey ticketing solution designed for transport purposes.


  • Creator of turnkey innovative solutions

    Created in 2009, ODALID is specialized in producing and commercializing electronic equipment for identification, security and tracking. Located in Dijon, ODALID is present in four sectors to provide you turnkey solutions of access control, presence control, IoT and ticketing.

  • A regional, national and international actor.
  • Innovative technologies for you


Vincent Thivent director & CEO of ODALID


  • Commitment

    Social liability is a fundamental mainstay within our company. We are  involved in the academic field by transmitting our knowledges and experience in several university departments (ESIREM, UTBM). We are also fully committed to help our clients to take the best decisions in their decision process.

  • Quality
  • Trust
  • Expertise
  • Security
  • Responsibility



HOPE ! Hôtel et pépinière d'entreprises -SARL ODALID - NOVAREVA, 64 E rue de Sully, Dijon 21000, France

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